Street artist.

In the past she trained with dance and rhythmic gymnastics; travelling and living in South America she started juggling (clubs, bolas, fire chains), till she finds her dimension in aerials in 2014.

Once back in Italy, she started to attend a circus school, guided by Isabelle Feraud of the "The Sprockets" company, where she further explores aerial silk and static trapeze (her favourite now), and intensive workshops on aerials (Ilaria De Novellis, Sarah bebe Holmes, Anna Pinto).

In 2016 she starts a project with Elena Cibin, "Amnésia circus", that leads to the circus-theatre show "Un tè io e te" (A tea you and me) , loosely based on Mad Hatter character, in which they are both directors and performers.

In 2018 she presents "Maremotum", a trapeze-double bass perfomance, metaphor of migrants journey by sea, on original music by Igor Legari.

This perfomance becomes the previous study of the dance-theatre show "In Limbo", presented in 2019, with the involvment of the dancer and choreographer Sara Sicuro. This show sees her as performer, director and choreoprapher.

"Maremotum" turns into the name of this new company. 

In 2019 she also presents her circus-theatre show "California dreaming", a solo project, in which she is director and performer.